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Meet the ladies of cyclocross

Every year at WACX we celebrate Ladies Day at round of the Numbat Cup Series. This year Ladies Day will be on Sunday 23 June at Guildford Meadows. To celebrate female participation and competition in cyclocross, we’ve asked some of our ladies to share their experiences around cyclocross. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of these inspirational women!

And a special shout-out to Stackart Photography for capturing all of our ladies in their best light!

Our featured riders:


My first CX race was Party in the Park at Perry Lakes in March 2023. I borrowed a friend’s bike for the open race, as I wanted to see if I enjoyed it before purchasing my own. I had so much fun, I ordered a bike that afternoon.

I had been curious about it for a little while. I’d been cycling road for less than a year at this point, so I was interested in improving my skills and this seemed like a fun way to do that.

So many things!

How much you learn from it. It’s not just challenging physically, but mentally as well. No lap is the same as the one before it. The course changes with the riders that go around it and the obstacles are slightly different each time. This adds a layer of complexity which makes racing CX that much more interesting and fun.

Also, the CX community. In particular, the volunteers who are so generous with their time in helping to coordinate each round plus all of the work behind the scenes that goes into making these events as attractive and inclusive as possible. There is always great banter around the races as well, thanks to the other racers and spectators who are there to heckle you and put a smile on your face.

Dive in! The CX community is incredibly welcoming and supportive. It’s great experience to race alongside and learn from other incredibly skilled, like-minded women.

It’s also a fun, judgement-free environment to practice skills and develop your confidence on the bike. It’s relatively safe to fall. You might get a few bruises, but you’re landing on grass, sand and mud – which is much softer than on tarmac!

Having my birthday fall on a CX race day and being surprised with cake to share with friends.

I See You Baby by Groove Armada.

I’d like to be able to control the weather and make it rain!

Apart from your standard protein bar, probably a coffee and a pastry of some description. A hot cinnamon donut usually goes down a treat.


I had my 1st cyclocross experience this year, at the round 1 of the Numbat Cup, with a borrowed bike from a friend, with no idea on what I was in for. I needed the race to be explained to me by the organisers as I had never even watched a cyclocross race in my life. I did one lap of the course before the race and freaked-out. I could not comprehend how that was to be ridden. I thought I was just going to ride from A to B on a trail until I got to the race, so you can imagine how confused I was.

The race organisers were kind enough to explain it to me and tell me to follow the other riders, they support made me feel like I could give it a go. And I did. I managed to complete that course and if felt amazing!

My motivation for CX is learning new cycling skills and I was recommended to do “cyclocross”. So I’ve signed-up without even knowing what I was in for and showed-up for the 1st race, by myself on a borrowed bike without knowing how it all works. Fast forward to round 3 this last Sunday, and I was leading grade C for 2 laps. that felt AMAZING. I will keep pushing hard, now that understood how the race works 🙂

I am still learning to be honest. I like how challenging it is. It’s much harder than it looks and very physical. It’s a lot of hard work. I feel like I’m learning lots from it so far.

I feel everyone should try new things, cyclocross is new to me, and I’m giving it a go. It’s a new skill and I’m learning to enjoy it. I feel more women should participate, it’s crucial to have more and more women in sports.

Well I’d think the funniest thing so far would be me not understanding why there was a “little wall” in the middle of the circuit before my 1st race, I could swear we would have to u turn there. It was not until I saw the other riders in front of me getting off their bikes and carrying them over that I understood how it worked! And yet, there I was “racing it”.

Don’t know. I’m not an ice cream flavour. Cyclocross is hard work and tough. So a frozen 100% cacao flavour?

Erm. not too sure. Any 90s pop music is a good one pre-ride.

Definitely holding a strong effort until the “last lap”. It’s hard not to die after a couple of laps haha.

Lunch! Since the race is normally around lunchtime, I am often starving after the race. If the race is too far from home, I would have a protein-enriched milk drink in the car waiting for me until I get home to eat.


When I first heard about CX, I thought it sounded really cool and different. I was a bit disillusioned with road racing and kept crashing on my mtb, so CX seemed like a great new option.

My first race was at the SpeedDome in Midland on my mountain bike. I loved it and was immediately hooked!

The best thing about CX is the people. The CX community is just so inclusive.

To anyone thinking about giving CX a try, my advice is to not think about it, just jump in, and things will soon make sense!

My favourite race memory is every race I have lined up for. Each one is so unique and throws up different highs and lows.

If CX was an ice cream it would be a weird flavoured gelato, like Vegemite. It looks like ice cream but is nothing like anything you have ever tasted, in a good way 😋

I don’t need pre race music to pump me up, just lining up is enough to get me pumped 😁

I would love to have the super power to bunny hop the jumps, I’m working on it!!!

My fave post race snack is a cold, Vanilla Up and Go with a Snickers bar.


Lou (Carson) made me do it!! I’m sure many women can say the same thing of the Matriarch of WACX! She & Vanessa Johnson ran a women’s only clinic and free race trial at Lake Gwelup 2021 and I haven’t looked back…

The Community! People tell me it’s like the MTB community, very collegiate, friendly, funny and family orientated.

I’ve heard so many women says “it’s so dangerous, you crash”. Yes, I’ve crashed, almost mastered it (and it’s an art to crash “well”) but you do so onto sand, mud, grass and usually around 16 – 22km/hr only – nothing like road or MTB’ing, so far safer and wonderful for building one’s bike handling skills transferable to all cycling.

2022 States, my first, at Ed Millen Reserve, Vic Park. Doing OK, no stacks only to come across line 2nd last lap and decide to take a drink as I went over the finishing timing lines and wooden cover, knocking me into the tapes & getting the wobbles big time in front of the 100 + crowd for 50 – 80m. Luckily JUST kept it upright but a close call.

Is Rocky Road a flavour? Full disclosure I’m a savoury not sweets gal.

Anything by the Black Eyed Peas.

Bunnyhopping the barriers (without fear of breaking a chainstay or BB).

Homemade coconut rice pudding.


I’d watched my kids having a lot of fun racing and I decided to have a go myself. My first race was a heap of fun. I finished dead last in the bottom grade. It’s a position I have become quite familiar with!

I really like the feeling of riding around corners, up and down the little climbs, through the dips, pushing through the sand and the mud. Also, it’s the best of both worlds, it’s more fun than the road riding and safer than mountain biking.

Just take it one step at a time. Aim to start a race (you don’t need to finish) and see where that takes you. Also, it’s OK to feel self conscious at first, but once you’re out there you won’t feel it anymore because you’ll be focussed on the course.

When I stacked it in the sand and was surprised that it felt like I’d landed on a pillow. I mean, I should have known from all those years jumping off the swings and monkey bars in the school sandpit.

A mix of Rocky Road, Black Forest & Hokey Pokey.

One my daughter introduced me to – ‘Breakfast burrito’. It’s a weird song, but it keeps your legs moving!

Being able to float over the barriers as gracefully as my 9 yr old daughter. (She IS coaching me so maybe one day…)

Something simple, like banana and peanut butter in a slice of bread, kind of like a fruity sausage sizzle.


Garvey Park…… a very long time ago – what a shock, but I fell in love instantly! I think on that day there were costumes, bells and beer hand ups. It was like the circus, I knew I would love it, and I still do.

The community is my family. I am not particularly competitive on the day, but I love the support and encouragement from everyone around.

Have a go! It hurts, it really hurts, but it is so rewarding to be involved and feel such a sense of achievement when you have finished each race.

Ladies’ day a few years ago, waiting in anticipation for my Champagne hand-up and, as a result of not concentrating out the back of Garvey Park, came off in the mud, got a mouthful of mud and then couldn’t taste the Champagne on the next lap. It was so disappointing, but it was very funny for everyone watching!

Bubblegum – an explosion in your mouth, just like CX, an explosion of hurt, fun, max heart rate, and a rush all in 30-40 mins.

Elephant by Tame Impala is such good fun.

My Superpower would be to have a GPS tracker or, like, tell me what lines to take in corners so I don’t end up in the mud quite so often.


I think it was in 2015 at one of the Guildford rounds, I rode my mum’s mountain bike and remember having so much fun riding through the mud!

The hectic courses mixed with the intensity- you’re never out there longer than an hour and feel as though you’ve done a massive effort.

Please come down and try! It’s so much fun and we have an awesome female community that are super supportive. We are always happy to see new faces 😁

I remember a Garvey race a few years back when it was absolutely flooded, the course was a muddy grassy mess and I had so much fun! Especially in that 50m long puddle through the forest section.

Chunky monkey- I don’t know why but it has that vibe to it, maybe it’s all the chunky mud.

A mix of pump up music including Dizzee Rascal, Pitbull, and the Veronica’s.

Levitating over the barriers (or hopping the barriers – I consider that a superpower).

Anything salty- barbecue shapes or cheese and onion chips are a favourite. Also love a coke on the finish line.


The first cyclocross race I did was somewhere near Garvey Park in 2015. There was only one grade for ladies and only a few of us. I came home winning a large jug of beer and I thought, yep I’ll do this again. I went with both my kids who participated in the kids race which was a bonus. We were all on mountain bikes then.

The happy vibe and it’s the best workout for me.

For newcomers, it’s great being a lap race; so if you’re a bit slower, you just do one less lap. Give it a go, fun and friendly, just awesome!

Garvey Park on a muddy day, every lap at the mud pit, just crossing fingers I will not swim it! Luckily, I haven’t yet.


I ended up buying a Crux from Wembley Cycles as my first ‘proper’ bike that wasn’t just for pub rides. I was adamant that I didn’t want a road bike (ew) and a mountain bike seemed team-too-much. I was then introduced to the magical unicorn of all bikes- the cx bike. Therefore, it seemed fitting to try out cyclocross.

My first WACX round was 2015 at the SpeedDome. In grubby converse and baggy clothes I had no idea what I was doing but I knew it was so much fun, everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I fell in love with CX and the community.

The vibes, mud, friends old and new, heckling and handups.

It’s only 30 minutes and there’s a soft landing if you fall 😜

Nah, but for real cyclocross is so fun. The community is so welcoming and you can be in it to win it or in it to just have a good time. For anyone wanting to give it a try, I would say JUST DO IT. Don’t think too hard, have fun and some laughs and embrace the mud.

So many great memories at muddy Garvey. Spectating and heckling in the mud sections and on the stairs are what we look forward to every year!

90s hip hop always features heavily on the ride/drive to a cross round. Beastie Boys or Missy Elliott.

Local Bird fried chicken. And a coupla beers with friends.


My first CX race was 2 years ago at the 4FIVE+ “come and try” event at Lake Gwelup. It is the closest venue to my house so I thought why not? I borrowed a bike from the lovely Louise and had a skills lesson from the amazing Vanessa Johnson. We then got to do a lap at the back of the men’s C grade race. I liked it so much I kept going and did 3 laps for the session. No point stopping when you are already sweaty!

I love the skills and technicality of the cornering. I mostly ride mountain bikes so this was a chance to further practice and develop my skills. Plus it’s away more fun way to do 1hr of cycling intensity rather than being stuck doing intervals on the indoor wind trainer!

The CX community is very supportive and there is no pressure. Go as fast or as slow as you like. You can also have any kind of bike. It is a great workout and there are way less consequences of falling off than when mountain biking.

My funny story involves the barriers….I naturally get off on the “dirty” side of the bike (chain side). I had never thought there was anything wrong with this.

After the skills session, in my next race, I decided to get off on the “correct” side. However, I couldn’t get back on again! I had to completely stop and remount. Even then I barely made it. It would have been quicker to run around to the wrong side of the bike and get on like I normally would!

Connoisseur Cafe Grande. Coffee flavour with choc coated almonds. Coffee for the energy boost and the almonds are the lumps on the course ( obstacles) you find on the way.

Peggy Gou – (It goes like) Nanana

A fast start. Being able to get my foot clipped in mostly 🙄


My first race for cyclo-cross was at VIC park the WA state champs in 2022. I had a grey old bike that I borrowed, and I remember it was so heavy that I could barely lift it over the hurdles. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and meeting lots of new people, which made me want to come back and race again. Plus, they had the Biscoff spread jar as the winning prize which was also a good motivation.

The community everyone is so supportive and kind. There is a sense of competition when racing as well which makes you want to push yourself.

Because it’s fun, it may be challenging at the start but it’s worth it in the end. I think everyone especially women should give cx a try because it’s something different, it’s a relaxed community and everyone is here to have fun and it’s rewarding to be able to finish the race.

Probably when I fell face first into the mud because I slipped out on a corner on the first lap and every photographer got a photo of me afterwards with a face full of mud.

Anything with a good beat or like Pop music to get motivated.

Super speed or being able to bunny hop the hurdles just because it looks impressive.

Thanks to Tanya M now it’s chocolate milk straight after and some sort of carbs like pasta couple hours later.


I’d been watching Mark racing CX for a few years. I thought it looked so fun and I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. So I jumped head first into CX with State Champs in 2018.

It’s always been the community! But reading all the women’s profiles this week has highlighted just how important the WACX community is to each other. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of that community. I have made so many amazing friends over the years. 💕

Just do it! It’s such a fun and supportive way to race a bike, get fit and improve your bike handling skills 💪🏽

Being part of the organising group that brought the National CX Series rounds to Perth in 2023 and seeing what it meant to the community (plus winning a gold medal on day one 😎).

Neapolitan (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) – there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Something fun to sing along to.

Being able to ride the full length of Normandy sand.

Apple & blackcurrant juice, followed by a choc milk.