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Interested in giving cyclocross racing a go? Here’s the place where you’ll find all the information you need to get started. We generally hold events from April to November each year – the best time of year for the wet and muddy conditions that we love racing in!

Numbat Cup

The Numbat Cup is WA's no-nonsense State Series. No big cash prizes, no professional setups, just pure racing fun! Local parks, local riders, and local businesses supporting it. There's a grade for everyone and you can race on any bike you choose. Only recommended for those who like having fun!


SuperCross is the highlight of the WA Cyclocross season. Cross under lights at Claremont Showgrounds with food trucks and racing for all grades!


What grade should I race in Cyclocross (aka. CX or cross)?

It’s a common question so we’re here to help. A lot of people aren’t sure which grade to choose, generally for one of two reasons:
1. They race, but are new to cross, or
2. They have never raced.

We will be opening entries soon so please be guided by the following advice when requesting a grade…

“be guided by your motor”

What does that mean? It means that you should ride against riders of similar strength, not drop down because of some perceived disadvantage your technical riding skills.

Some examples: If you race A grade on the Road/MTB or at your local crit, we request that you enter the Elite grade for cross.

If you don’t race but you are a similar level to some of your training buddies who race B grade on the Road/MTB, enter B grade. If you have never raced and aren’t able to gauge a grade off any of your training partners, you should enter C Grade and see how you go.

You will be asked for grading information at entry. Please provide information that helps the handicappers either confirm your requested grade or determine the correct grade for you. Information helps get you into the correct grade. Also note that you request a grade, and that may be changed by the handicappers.

WACX can and will encourage riders that are capable of riding the next grade. If you are in a lower grade and are consistently clocking lap times that are similar to the grade above, you will be promoted.