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Results – 2022 Liquor Barons Numbat Cup Round 3

Men's C grade race at 2022 Numbat Cup round 3 at Lake Gwelup

Sunday 12th June 2022

Lake Gwelup Reserve, Gwelup

Another fabulous day of cx racing! It was brilliant to see such a massive field of kids racing, braving the weather – the future looks strong. We have had 90 kids register to date this season – if they all turn up at the one race it will be epic!! The lollipop budget has been blown. 😂

The start of the Men’s B race was a fitting tribute to our much loved WACX family member Ian ‘Tugger’ Trayler – we know he is watching us from above and will continue to be with us in spirit. The Men’s Masters B front row held a rightful place for him today.

So many course builders to thank today – your contribution is appreciated by everyone who races. Bryan Stevenson, thank you for your work behind the scenes with the City of Stirling to enable us to race here. Please see Bryan’s post below and thank the City of Stirling to help ensure we can hold future races at this venue.

Bryan Stevenson:

“If you enjoyed today’s racing, or just suffered through another CX race, can you please let the City of Stirling that the use of the Lake Gwelup Reserve is greatly appreciated.

If you could send an email to [email protected] that would be great. The booking was under Numbat Cup WACX.

This is my local park and is a get place to ride and race, so please let the council know that you appreciate being able to use such a fantastic venue that doesn’t ruin your bottom bracket or cause you to disassemble your bike afterwards.”

Another huge thanks goes out to the rego tent Queen, Mandy McEvoy. Thanks for your help all day. And to all who stayed and helped with pack away, and marshalling on course – you are the bomb. And finally Steuart Van der Caarson – you pull it all together and put endless hours in behind the scenes taking volunteering to the next level – massive thanks from all who get to enjoy time between the tape.

Next race is on the Sunday, 3rd July at Guildford Meadow. Put your rain dancing boots on – we want big rain to hit in the weeks leading up to this event.



Links to the published albums of the photographers that were in attendance at the race can be found below. You’ll also find these, and a range of other race photos and videos, posted on the WA Cyclocross Facebook group.

Mark Uzii
Men’s Elite
Men’s C (all categories)
Ladies (all categories)

Aloysius Parker Photography
Men’s Elite
Men’s C grade and young guns
Ladies (all grades)

Article feature photo snapped by Mark Uzii (Insta: @markuzii)