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Results – 2019 WACX O-Day

Elite Mens cyclocross race start 2019 WACX O-Day

It was a perfect day for WACX O-Day & terrific to see so many new riders having a go at this cx’y sport.

A huge thanks to everyone that put in a heap of work to make the day run so smoothly (all course builders, rego tent assistants & timers) and give us a positive start to the CX season.

Steuart Van der Caarson, thanks for all the work you put in prior to the event. It made it easy for us mere mortals to run the show on the day in your absence, and a big shout out to Ashley Williams for taking control.

See links to race results below:
* please note the times of the first 2 laps of the senior race are not accurate due to so many riders coming past in such close proximity, but places are correct.

Results for WACX Orientation Day 7 April 2019
Senior Race:
Sophomore Race :
Freshman Race :