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Results – 2019 WA Cyclocross State Championships

2019 Elite Mens State Cyclocross Championships start line

Wow – what an amazing course Helena Valley turned out to be. A part of me died when I saw the course with all those hills, but the punchy climbs and cool descents made for such great racing, and the challenging slippery off camber corners gave many of us the chance to have a wee lie down mid-race. It was a very different course to what we’ve raced all season, but up there with the best in WA.

Steuart – we all thank you for your vision (seeing CX courses in every venue you stumble across is your superpower) and for working for more than 6 months to secure this great venue.

To the WACX family – you are the best. So many people are quick to jump in when assistance is needed – from course build, food tent, regos & timing, and seeing you all spring into action at course packdown is a sight to behold.

Final Numbat Cup race is on the 18th of August at another new and exciting venue. Regos will be up in the next week – let’s all get on board and finish the season with a bang with record numbers of people racing!

WACX 2019 State Champs – Men’s Elite & U 23 4/8/19 Helena Valley

WACX 2019 State Champs – Womens Elite, B & C, U15 & U17 4/8/19 Helena Valley

WACX 2019 State Champs – Men’s Singlespeed, Men’s B, Masters B , U17 4/8/19 Helena Valley

WACX 2019 State Champs – Men’s C, Masters C, U15 & Open 4/8/19 Helena Valley