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Results – 2017 Numbat Cup Round 2

Numbat Cup Rnd 2, Edgewater Quarry belated results.

Finally the results posted below, in saying that Men’s C and Masters C results are very inconsistent. As such the M/MAS C results will not be counted in the Numbat Cup 2017 series, Round 2 will just be left blank, short of finish line video to verify the placings as the data, both paper and electronic, match rarely if at all.

One person observing, writing and recording is not conducive to accurate data collection. It is a shame that that there was no spare eyes or hands to assist when this was going on.

To be honest I’m neither here or there with results (it is a complete PITA – Pain in the Ass), personally I’d rather dish out numbers, yell “GO!” and keep riding till I am told to stop as the time is up on the clock.

So for the up coming double header, if you deeply care about lap times, placings etc please assist, for accurate and reliable data each race requires a number caller, a scribe and webscorer app tapper. So THREE people for the whole race duration, once you start you are there until the last rider finishes.

Ideally Men’s/MAS C would be looked after by the Womens and reciprocated, Men’s/MAS B and linked together Men’s Elite.

WACX is put together by a bunch of big kids that love racing bike in parks, getting dirty and smiling lots. Although it has been great to see so many new faces coming early and setting up the various courses, it doesn’t stop when that is complete. If you are unable to make it to course build hang around the rego tent and ask if there is anything that can be done before or after your race, take a lead in the collection/organisation of the poles, the packing of the trailer, etc.

So if you are not happy with your placing, number of laps, final time, before you think about complaining ask yourself, what could have it done to help prevent this happening – see you in the timing/rego tent.

Mens Elite –

Womens Elite, B & C –

Mens B & Masters Mens B –

Mens C & Masters Mens C –