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Last updated: 22/03/2022

Do I need a licence to race cyclocross with WACX?

Yes, all riders entering WACX races need to have a valid race licence. This protects you and fellow racers via the insurance that makes up part of your licence. Luckily, we’re here to help you select the best licence for you and your family.

What happened to Cycling Australia and MTBA race licences?

On 1st November 2020, a new national governing body called AusCycling was formed from the merging of the three big national cycling sporting organisations; Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and BMX Australia. So, you can now get a single licence that will cover you for all your cyclocross, mountain biking, road, track and BMX races.

How do licences work?

All riders from Under 9’s through to the 65+ age groups will need to have a valid licence to enter any WACX race event. You will need to present this licence to the registration tent when you collect your racing numbers during the season.

The more riders who join AusCycling and shout from the rooftops that they joined so they could race cyclocross, the greater the chance we have of gaining more recognition in Australia for this cycling discipline. Ultimately this should lead to more funding and support from our newly formed national governing body.

When racing, your licence protects you with third-party public liability instance and personal accident insurance. Further details about the specific insurance protections offered under the AusCycling licences can be found here.

How do I get an AusCycling licence?

Getting a licence to race in any cycling discipline has become a lot easier thanks to AusCycling, because all major cycling disciplines, including cyclocross, road, track, mountain biking and BMX are now encompassed under the AusCycling umbrella. Memberships last for 12-months from the date of purchase and monthly payment options are available (with only a slight increase in cost for administration expenses). Prices below include a $25 club fee to support club activities. This club fee is waived for Under 13 and younger riders. WACX encourages riders to join Perth Mountain Bike Club (PMBC) as our races are held under the PMBC banner.

If you know which membership/licence you need, just jump on over to AusCycling to sign up.

If you need to renew your existing AusCycling membership, just login to the AusCycling membership administration platform.

Make sure you download your digital membership card to your phone so you can show the friendly WACX volunteers at the event registration tent each day you race. You will also need your race licence information handy when you register online for WACX races via the EntryBoss race entry platform.

Which AusCycling membership or licence option is right for me?

Race All Discipline

Designed for members who want it all on two wheels, a licence where you can compete in cyclocross, BMX, BMX freestyle, mountain bike, road and track events right around Australia.

  • Adult (Ages 19 – 64) $275
  • Concession (U19, 65+, Para) $145
  • Under 13 (Ages 8 – 12) $75
  • 7 and Under (Ages 2 – 7) $50
Race Off-Road

Riders can participate in cyclocross, BMX, BMX freestyle and mountain bike competitions nationwide. Under this licence you cannot compete in road or track events. 

  • Adult (Ages 19 – 64) $175
  • Concession (U19, 65+, Para) $145
  • Under 13 (Ages 8 – 12) $75
  • 7 and Under (Ages 2 – 7) $50

Please note that for the Concession, Under 13 and 7 and Under membership categories, we recommend the Race All Discipline licence as it costs the same as the Race Off-Road licence.


This is a non-racing, social, leisure or commuting membership suitable for any bike. This membership is also for non-racing coaches and officials.

  • Adult (Ages 19 – 64) $105
  • Concession (U19, 65+, Para) $75
  • Under 13 (Ages 8 – 12) $50
  • 7 and Under (Ages 2 – 7) $50
Non Riding

This membership is for volunteers and supporters who want to be part of the club, but do not ride – a club officer, accredited official. This membership with club fee is only $35 per year. You cannot belong to multiple clubs with a non-riding membership.

4 week Free Trial Membership

AusCycling offers free trial memberships for those who want to dip into riding. This membership allows you to participate in AusCycling activities, including All Discipline Racing at club-level events. Trial memberships are available for riders who have not held a Cycling Australia, MTBA or BMXA membership in the past three years.

Family Memberships

Discounts are available for members residing at the same address with a Lifestyle or Racing membership. Two members get a 10% discount, three or more a 15% discount. Note: club fee will be applied after the discount is calculated.

Defence Force Memberships

AusCycling offers a $30 discount for Race Off-Road memberships and $50 discount for Race All Discipline memberships to all current and former Australian Defence Force personnel, reservists, allied forces and veterans. Contact the AusCycling Membership Team if this applies to you.

Do I need to join a cycling club?

Yes, you will be required to select a club when you purchase an AusCycling licence. WACX encourages riders to join Perth Mountain Bike Club (PMBC).

This may surprise many regulars to our races, but WACX isn’t a club at all. We operate under the umbrella of the PMBC. WACX’s total focus is delivering the best cyclocross series in Australia, The Numbat Cup, and a host of other iconic events such as SuperCross (cyclocross racing under lights at Claremont Showgrounds), Graeme Brown Gravel Cross and the Southern Hemisphere Single Speed Championships!

Transferring to Perth Mountain Bike Club

Transferring with an existing membership is as easy as contacting the Memberships Team at AusCycling. We would prefer you do it before renewing so that club fees are appropriately allocated, but this can be done at any time.

Multiple Club Memberships

AusCycling allows Race and Lifestyle members to you to join as many clubs as they wish. You can join Perth Mountain Bike Club with a Club Add-On for only $25 and still remain with your current club.

You will need to choose which club will be your Primary Club on your membership profile for voting purposes under the AusCycling Constitution. Generally, your Primary Club will be the first club that you joined. You can update your Primary Club by contacting the AusCycling Memberships Team.